Sales and Service

Our main product is frozen ostrich meat. We harvest and keep an inventory of various Prime, medium tender, and ground ostrich products. Please do email ( ) or call for specific information.

Ostrich, a red meat, is rich in protein and iron, contains no marbled fat, has a fine texture. For best taste the meat should be cooked to no more than medium doneness. Moist heat methods, steaming, poaching, simmering will achieve excellent results. When broiling or grilling more tender cuts, cook to 145 -150 degrees. Serve immediately. Ground meat should be cooked to 160 degrees, until it is no longer pink; serve immediately. Ostrich meats can be used with all of your favorite meat recipes. Sauces, marinades, rubs, and spices give flavorful results.

We like to use all parts of the ostrich. An all time favorite is the egg and the shell. We drill our infertile eggs, empty, and clean them to sell for crafting. These have been painted, colored and etched into beautiful works of art. We have tanned and colored a number of ostrich hides and offer them for sale as whole hides or sewn into useful leather items, bags, covers, and cases. We can often connect you with someone who can create custom designed items. We have a small inventory of oil products: pure ostrich oil, moisturizing lotions, and soap made with ostrich oil.

We have found that canine friends love ostrich treats as well. We sell smoked bones and tendons as dog treats. These weight bearing bones can provide hours of joy for your pet.